Corporate Event Specialist

Conference Focus is a corporate event specialist. We have been involved in producing and managing corporate events of all shapes and sizes, both locally and internationally, for over 20 years. It would be fair to say we know our stuff and have the knowledge, skills, contacts and expertise to guarantee your success. Apart from our meticulous attention to detail and deep passion for service excellence, the main attribute that sets us apart from our competitors is our ability to think and work ‘beyond logistics’. In other words, in addition to providing faultless logistical management, we act as your corporate event consultant, providing you with sound advice and great corporate event ideas to add significant value to your events and maximise their potential. We collaborate with you to design, engineer and produce the best possible events with the highest possible ROI. This is the emerging new trend of “Meeting Architecture”, defined here by the Meeting Design Institute –

As your event consultant and meeting architect, we create significant value via strategic and careful event design which helps you to maximise the impact and effectiveness of your events. Using objective-based meeting and event design, focusing on what you what to achieve and incorporating specific tactics, we help you to increase the effectiveness and value of your events. We are not a cost but an investment. We are a tool for business enhancement. We help transform your meetings and events from a cost centre to a strategic revenue generator.

Why Strategic Meeting & Event Design Matters

Why should strategic meeting and event design matter to you? The answer is simple: it produces more effective events with better outcomes helping you to improve your business. Improving your business means increased productivity and profits. The added benefit is that by improving and demonstrating their ROI, your events become viewed as valuable and indispensable by senior management.

What we see today with many event owners and stakeholders is a fixation on event cost saving and reduction. With this mindset, the questions being asked are, “How can we save money on this?” and “How can we do this for less?”. These questions are fair since careful budget monitoring and control is important. However, we seldom hear questions like, “How can we make our events better?”. “How can we make our events more effective and valuable?”. And yet, a 10% increase in the impact and effectiveness of an event resulting in better outcomes far outweighs the benefits of a 10% cost reduction. Whatever the amount of money spent on an event, if it delivers little or no value to participants and has few beneficial outcomes, its money wasted. The only thing that really matters is outcomes and achieving goals. That’s why the process of effective meeting and event design should start by determining objectives and goals and focusing on desired outcomes.

Corporate Event Consultant:

Does any of this sound like you and your current events?

Before the planning starts, no-one is explicit about the objectives and goals of your events – what you want your attendees to know (information), how best to deliver messaging and information (learning), what you want your attendees to feel (emotions) and, most importantly, what you want them to do as a result of attending (action). Post-event action is perhaps the most critical of all and yet is often the most overlooked in event planning. As the European-based Event ROI Institute explains –

Meetings and events create value to stakeholders by influencing the behavior of participants. If an event does not make participants do something they would otherwise not have done, there is no value. Never. It is not possible. Thinking and feeling does not count, only physical behavior. This simple and universal fact is the fundamental principle of the Event ROI Methodology.

If asked, “Why are you holding this event?”, you or your colleagues answer, “Because it’s an annual event / we hold it every year”.

In planning meetings, you often hear the phrases, “We’ve always done that / done it that way”.

Your events are run by committee, with multiple people providing their thoughts and ideas but no one person being appointed as the final decision maker and taking ultimate responsibility.

Many or all of your events are designed using last year’s event agenda as a template to design the following year’s events. In other words, you almost always copy last year’s agenda, which itself might be a copy of your event agenda going back as far as 2009.

You follow the same old event formats which perhaps look something like this: the opening plenary session starts with a short video and soundtrack followed by the CEO and Director of Marketing getting on stage to present facts, figures and graphs on recent company performance and provide a vision for the future. Break for morning tea. Another plenary session follows before lunch. The afternoon comprises breakouts, punctuated by an afternoon tea break. Dinner is a time for fun and for everyone to let their hair down a bit. The next day pretty much follows the same pattern, perhaps with an obligatory motivational speaker and team-building activity thrown in, before the final farewell or gala dinner including music, dancing and plenty of drinking. People head back home and to work the following day and their life returns to normal. Sound like your last sales conference?

You book and include a motivational speaker to fill a one hour time slot because you’ve always included one. You brief them on the event via a 20-minute phone conversation.

You allow your internal speakers to design their own presentations and do not include them in planning meetings. You also allow them to present without proper preparation and mentoring on their own from the front of the room despite them being known as nervous or poor speakers.

You do not survey your attendees in advance and do not ask them for any input on event topics or content.

Several days after the event (not before attendees have left your venue and not immediately after), you send out an event survey asking them to rate their enjoyment and satisfaction. No further follow up is conducted.

You still use email and excel to manage registrations, personal data and logistical information.

If any of this resonates with you, we guarantee there’s room for improvement in how your events can be planned, designed and executed…and, most importantly, how their effectiveness and ROI could be enhanced. This is where we can truly help to add value to you and your events as your corporate event consultant. You don’t need to hand over your events to us to manage, we will simply act as your event consultant should you wish. Our services would include helping you to shape the design of your events to optimise their effectiveness, value and, ultimately, their ROI.

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Event Health Check

If you are not an experienced event planner, if you don’t have a knowledgeable and reliable network of event professionals, if you don’t constantly keep yourself abreast of the latest event trends and event technology, if you don’t have an event specialist on your team or an existing event consultant, if you feel your events could benefit from an in-depth ‘health check’ or overhaul, we’d love to hear from you and help you! Seriously, you should contact us. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

In short, we live and breathe events. We’re here to help people like you and the organisations you work for. We can conduct an events health check for you and the events your organisation hosts – a strategic event and meetings management review. This may include reviewing how many and the type of events you host, how they are designed, how your internal event planning process is conducted, how your venues are selected and what venues you use, reviewing your event spend to identify and obtain cost reductions, what event technology (if any) you currently use to help your efficiency, how you market your events, right down to your name badge design. We’ll review as much or as little as you like. There is no obligation or any pressure for you to outsource your events to us to manage. Our events health check and event consultancy services are entirely separate from our event management services.

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Event Consultant

As your independent meeting and event consultant, here are some of the aspects of your events we can review and the event consulting services we provide –
Helping you to determine and define meeting and event objectives

  • • Content development and curation
  • • Pre-event attendee surveys, including needs assessment and knowledge gap analysis
  • • Content delivery analysis and design
  • • Meeting design, formats and agenda building
  • • Education and learning techniques
  • • Meeting room environment, set-up and seating
  • • Attendee engagement strategies
  • • Preparing and mentoring your speakers and presenters
  • • Involving professional facilitators
  • • Networking tools and techniques
  • • The latest event technology, including registration software, mobile event apps and audience response systems
  • • Event marketing and invitation design
  • • Post-event survey design and feedback analysis
  • • Evaluation methods and tools
  • • Post-event support and follow up
  • • Measuring outcomes

Often when you invite a professional ‘outsider’ into your business, they see things differently to you and can reveal the most insightful things. Often the best ideas and advice can come from a fresh pair of eyes. And that’s exactly what we offer to improve your meetings and events. Our unbiased event consultancy services are entirely flexible and we can review as much or as little you want. There are no ongoing obligations or pressure to use us as your event manager. Our consultancy services are offered and performed separately to our event management services.

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