Through extensive research and adoption of the latest event technology, Conference Focus can bring the future of events to you and your meeting and conference delegates today.

Event Registration Software:

Conference Focus uses multi award-winning etouches event management software. Built in the USA by event planners for event planners, etouches is the most comprehensive web-based event software management platform available on the market today.

Aside from its delegate registration product, etouches also offers integrated event management solutions for building tailored event websites, email marketing and promotion, delegate tracking, CRM integration and pre and post-event surveys.

Private Social Networking – Your Online Event Community

There are two main drivers to increase engagement with your events: to learn (education) and to network (meet existing and new business contacts).

Smart companies are beginning to look seriously at ways to harness the untapped power of their event goers through engagement with them in a private, online social community network. Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn cannot deliver a secure private event network for you and your delegates.

The benefits of establishing a private social networking hub for your events include:

          • Extend the life of your events into months-worth of engagement with your delegates pre-event, during and post-event.
          • Start discussions, raise questions and build networks amongst your event goers well before the start of your events.
          • Harvest the thoughts, insights and opinions of your delegates to create meaningful and relevant meeting content, enabling you to deliver a more engaging and beneficial event experience to them.
          • The coal-face knowledge, insights and input of your event community allows you to follow trends, uncover challenges and identify opportunities allowing you to develop or refine your business strategies.

All of this generates far greater engagement with your delegates and leads to increased return on investment and opportunities for your business.


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Would you like even more value from your event organiser?

Conference Focus will not only help you establish your online private social event network however in addition to using best practices and techniques, we will guide you in ways to nurture it, monitor it, administer it and obtain all the valuable information you need from it!

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Hybrid Events:

As the name suggests, a hybrid event is one that combines a live in-person audience with an online audience. Keynote speakers and presenters at your events can be filmed and streamed live via webcast and/or recorded for later viewing enabling you to extend the reach of your event to an interstate or international audience.

For those that are unable to attend your events due to their location, time constraints or budget, it still enables you to involve them and engage with them, retain their loyalty and gain their insights and opinions. When combined with a private social event-networking hub, the deployment of a hybrid event becomes a very powerful tool indeed.

You can extend the life of your event beyond a few days and it enables you to extend the reach beyond the four walls of your conference room thus engaging your entire event community – your own employees, your entire customer base, your franchise group, channel partners or greater distributor network.

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Mobile Event Apps:

Along with social media, the use of smartphones and tablets in society today has become prevalent and unstoppable.

No longer are people using their mobile phones to only make and take calls. They are a powerful device that sits in the palm of your hand. For many, they have become an indispensable tool to manage their day-to-day business and social lives, to search, to learn, to connect and to network.

At around 55% of population and growing by the day, Australia has the second highest penetration of smart phones in the world, eclipsing the USA and any country in Europe.

Make use of this effective events communications channel to deliver a richer, more engaging (and “greener”) experience to your delegates and guests by incorporating a tailored, branded event app into your events – and at the same time save lots of money on printing (agendas, hand-outs, speaker bios, etc.), giving your CSR credentials a big boost!

Where do you start?

Conference Focus has researched the entire range of mobile event app products available today on the Australian market.

Get in touch if you want a mobile app that’s suitable for your events – we can recommend one just right for you. Just another way Conference Focus delivers more value to your business events.