What We Do

Conference Focus understands that you want your meeting or conference to be different from the rest and better than your last. Read more below.

As an in-house event planner for your business or organisation, you seek and strive for excellence in the management of your meetings, conferences and events.

You are also probably under increasing pressure to deliver ‘bigger and better’ events year on year and, quite possibly nowadays, on a reduced budget too!  We understand your challenges.  We also understand that you want your conference to be different from the rest and better than your last.

So what can you expect from the team at Conference Focus?

At Conference Focus, superior event management services come standard.  We offer meticulous event management logistics encompassing a tailored online registration portal, group flight and accommodation management, transfers and meals.

We find the perfect venue with ideal meeting space for your event and help you identify and engage inspirational, educational or thought-provoking guest speakers to complement your business sessions.

For your social program, we help you find a fun, engaging, team-building activity, manage local tours and source the perfect band or entertainer for your gala dinner.

All of this comes standard at Conference Focus, and we we’ve got you covered whether your event is a several months away or just a few weeks away.

Organisations, companies and their staff always gain from a well-run conference or event. Conference Focus can help you turn your one, two or three day hybrid event into months-worth of engagement, learning and networking for all your delegates.

We save you time and deliver events with greater return on investment and opportunities for your company. We show you a way to reach a far greater audience and achieve a well-managed budget and reduced event spend.

Find out more, visit our Event Technology page under the “Event Planners” section of our website or contact us and we will come to you and show you how.