When designed, promoted and implemented successfully, an incentive travel reward program is the most effective way to motivate, reward and recognise your top achievers.

An expertly delivered travel incentive beats a merchandise or cash incentive hands down.  Long after the fridge has been replaced or the cash spent, the memories of a truly unique travel experience live on a lifetime.

Incentive travel programs are a powerful motivator and can be designed to encourage or entrench certain behaviours, align employees with corporate values, increase performance and lift sales. Successful travel incentives create engagement, stimulate success and increase profits.

For many years, Conference Focus has worked with its customers to tailor travel incentives to complement their business strategy. Well managed and successfully delivered incentive travel programs create an ongoing culture of productivity and a desire to keep performing at a high level. The engagement, socialisation and buzz following a successful incentive travel reward motivates others to perform as it creates a desire for everyone to be on next year’s trip.

Whether it be for individual staff, your sales team, your channel partners or distributor network, contact Conference Focus and we’ll work with you to design a unique and powerful incentive travel reward that will take your sales and profits to the next level.