Need to find a venue for your meeting, conference or special event but don’t know where to start?  Are you simply too busy to do the necessary research on your own?

Selecting the right venue for your meeting, conference, incentive or special event is the foundation of every successful event.

Indeed, selecting a suitable venue can be critical to the overall success of an event, the satisfaction of your event goers and to meeting your event objectives.

Far too often a venue can be selected without careful consideration of the audience, the meeting and catering spaces needed and the production and technical requirements of the event.

You may also have a need to obtain multiple venue quotes, collate all the information and compare ‘apples to apples’ – a time-consuming and frustrating task in itself.

For 20 years, Conference Focus has consulted with its clients during the initial planning stages to obtain the specific event requirements, discuss the objectives and goals of the event thus determining what is required of the venue. We carefully match the right venue to each specific event ensuring the right footing is created to achieve success.

Hotels and resorts, special and unique venues, indoor and outdoors venues, local, interstate and international venues – we’ve researched them all before! We know where to start, know what we’re looking for, know how to negotiate to get the best rates, terms and conditions and know how to interpret the jargon in a contract so it makes sense to you.

Best of all, we might well be able to undertake all the work and deliver the perfect venue to you at no cost!

Find out more about our convenient venue selection services and contact Conference Focus today!